The Trust Cloud

Amazon Web Services

Trust, Identity and Access Management for the Cloud Operating System  

Today, a revolution in computing is underway. The cloud is the new operating system and promises to free the enterprise of cost and complexity; ushering in a new era of simple, on-demand computing. This cloud-based ecosystem has created new ways for people to deploy, access, and use networked information, applications, and resources.

As enterprises adopt the cloud, new domains of security must be managed. The architectural shift to the cloud requires new technology and new thinking on how trust, identity and access management can work in this new world.

Symplified pioneered SinglePoint; the first identity, access management and federation service delivered on-demand. Now, Symplified is introducing the next generation of SinglePoint – the Symplified Trust Cloud™, a unified access management and federation platform built on the Amazon EC2 cloud platform that uniquely integrates and secures SaaS, IaaS, EC2 and Web 2.0 apps.

  • First purpose-built IAM for Amazon EC2 platform
  • Complete unified trust, federated identity and access management suite
  • Global multi-jurisdictional auditing and compliance
  • Massively scalable elastic architecture that deploys in hours
  • Seamless trust integration fabric between Amazon EC2 and enterprise infrastructures like Active Directory and LDAP
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